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PENDV x Zana Bayne "Magnum Opus" 2014 Collection
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Todd Pendu by Michael Halsband

A NYC-based Creative Project and Fashion Brand by Photographer/Designer Todd Pendu, purveyor of Erotic Chic.

The Erotic, the Mysterious, the Romantic… these are the foundational elements of PENDV. The name itself comes from the French from the Tarot card known in English as “The Hanged-Man”; the logo is derived from the ancient alchemy symbol of Sulphur inverted meaning “The Great Work”.

Todd Pendu is a photographer and fashion designer and is the Founder and Creative Director of PENDV. is a website platform for his creative projects including the erotic-chic "PENDV Girls" photoseries as well as PENDV label apparel and accessories.

PENDV started initially promoting underground music, image and design and was known for producing art events and dance parties but its inevitable realization into a fashion label was also built into its core structure from the start. Todd Pendu's fascination with runway shows, models, and fashion magazines began during the 1990's while he was living in a small town in Florida and followed him through his move to NYC in the early 2000's. His aesthetic sense was recognized concurrently while he was still working solely in music by notable fashion and art photographers who photographed him including Andres Serrano, David Sims (for Love Magazine), and Michael Halsband (known for his iconic images of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Klaus Nomi). Todd Pendu was taking cues and inspiration from Tony Wilson's Factory Records to Andy Warhol's Factory to Karl Lagerfeld. To him, organizing parties, curating music festivals, releasing records, and designing imagery were all parts in creating a total aesthetic, a fully realized environment; he stylized everything he touched.

Over time, Todd Pendu was able to create a substantial stir in Brooklyn with his projects which garnered praise from revered outlets including the Village Voice and The New York Times. In 2011, the doors to opportunities in the fashion industry were opened after he produced a photoshoot for Chelsea Wolfe under his creative direction showcasing her in pieces by avant-garde designer Iris van Herpen which landed premiers on the websites of i-D and Interview Magazine. This led to working on photoshoot after photoshoot, first dressing musicians in designer clothing then to working with models as well. In 2012, he began collaborating with fashion designer Zana Bayne and in September 2013 during New York Fashion Week they unveiled their PENDV x Zana Bayne SS14 Capsule Collection in a presentation hosted by Opening Ceremony featuring models as well as voguers from the Legendary House of Ninja. During this time he simultaneously began photographing sexually-charged exclusive editorials for PENDV's website and for magazines including Crush Fanzine, CREEM Mag, and others.


PENDV 2008 - 2012: On Throwing NYC Parties and Running PENDV Sound Recordings The imagery and the themes of the Sexual and the Ecstatic have been a part of PENDV's DNA since its inception; one could find it in the literature, flyers, artworks, etc. of all PENDV productions. As John Cage said, "If it isn't erotic, it isn't interesting". PENDV has always been an idea that has manifested in a variety of ways, staying true to its premise and intention. It came from nowhere and everywhere. It rose quite literally from the darkness of disparate Brooklyn basements and bars and illegal venues filled with cigarette smoke and fog; sounds emanating from a cacophony of synthesizers, drum machines, guitars, and feedback. From 2008 - 2012, PENDV was synonymous with running the record label PENDV SOUND as well as hosting art events in its own PENDV Gallery, throwing dance parties, and promoting live music shows high on atmospherics featuring mostly local NYC noise musicians and synth bands. The shows incorporated immersive environments using various effects, strobes and special lighting, and notoriously copious amounts of fog. In 2008, PENDV created and curated the NY Eye & Ear Festival & Record Fair which ran for 3 consecutive years, and featured over 100 NYC-based bands as well as over 50 NYC-based record labels. In January 2010, a new series known as PENDV DISCO began at Glasslands in Brooklyn. The party was an instant success from its inaugural show and brought out the likes of Michael Stipe (REM) and Terence Koh. During its two year run, the party hosted over 50 events featuring performances from Le1f and Light Asylum as well as the legendary Black Devil Disco Club (France). Being experimental in nature, these shows were not always packed to the walls, although they certainly sometimes were, but they always enjoyed a quality of mystique which gave the audience a feeling of intimacy, of being privy to something truly special. It was always about the quality of the experience that mattered most. During this time, PENDV SOUND put out 7 full-length albums plus two 7''s from porn-star Sasha Grey's musical project ATelecine and the first two critically-aclaimed albums of Chelsea Wolfe along with the first EP of Liza Thorn's band Starred, the first full-length from L.A. duo Von Haze, and digital singles from Azar Swan and Tempers.

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