Todd Pendu by Michael Halsband

Photo of Todd Pendu by Michael Halsband, 2012.

Todd Pendu is a multi-disciplinary artist and image-maker currently living and working in NYC and Los Angeles. PENDV JOURNAL is an online platform and portfolio for his creative projects and art/photographic works. He is the founder of DEVIL’S WHOREHOUSE STUDIO. He is also co-Creative Director at ZANA BAYNE.

Email: info @ devilswhorehousestudio . com

By Todd Pendu (Current)
– PENDV JOURNAL: Images and Projects including exclusive nude erotic and fetish photo work.
– PENDV DESIGNS: Apparel, accessories, totes, and swimwear.
– In The Works: A book of photography entitled “Fishnets And Leather”.

Past Projects (no longer extant):
PENDV ORG ARTS & ACTIONS – Nightlife Events and Art Gallery.
– PENDV Sound Recordings – Independent Record Label
– Ekstatic Vision (Online Magazine)
– Scorpio Cinema

Todd Pendu’s photography primarily focuses on nudes and erotic and fetish subjects; however he has lensed fashion campaigns for Zana Bayne and Marc Jacobs. His work has been seen in Vogue, Purple Magazine, Jacuzzi, Autre Magazine, S Mag, Juxtapoz, Mixt(e) Magazine, Bullett, Galore,…

Nudity and sexuality are constant themes in Todd Pendu’s photography and artwork as he sees these as part of his libertine world-view and the “ultimate expressions of freedom”. Known for his raw but sensual and provocative work, he takes an improvisational approach to capturing spontaneous, visceral, and intimate images.

Todd Pendu’s interests include an eclectic heady brew of past and present Pop and Underground Culture – Eroticism and Pornography, Alchemy, Occultism, Philosophy, Fashion History, Photography, Art from the Mannerists to the Surrealists and beyond, and Music from Punk Rock & Hardcore to Noise and Techno and Metal and Bass Music and Rock-n-Roll.

The moniker PENDV is used to unify Todd Pendu’s diverse artistic activities and works. ‘PENDV’ is a stylization of the french word ‘Le Pendu’ meaning ‘Hanged’ taken the Tarot card known in English as ‘The Hanged-Man’. The ‘Cross and Triangle’ logo of PENDV is derived from the alchemical symbol of Sulphur inverted which is interpreted as the achievement of the ‘Magnum Opus’ of the alchemist. PENDV is also a direct reference to both Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Pendu Femelle’ found in his Large Glass as well as from the suicide by hanging of 19th century mystic/poet Gérard de Nerval – lauded by Andre Breton and an important figure to the development of the surrealism.

PENDV began in 1999 (known originally as Transition-Media) as a Curatorial Projects Company but evolved into a Creative Projects Company and a Brand. It is essentially a concept – a germ for creating a culture. It’s an idea which has been capable of being manifested in a variety of ways while staying true to its original premise and intention. It was built on deep spirited individuality and the premise that turning one’s viewpoint upside down is the first step in the process of making great art. “Invert Your Perspective To Reinvent Your World” became the mantra. Over the years, whether shooting photographs or organizing parties or curating music festivals or releasing records or designing products or graphics; these are just single parts towards a sum total; creating a gesamtkunstwerk called PENDV. It’s about perverting, inverting, styling and stylizing everything it touches; creating a complete aesthetic in fully realized environments. It’s about bringing this special vision to each new project and stamping the work with this unique viewpoint.