ASTONISH WORLD: Interview with Todd Pendu and Zana Bayne

Todd Pendu Zana Bayne
PENDV X Zana Bayne gear up to present their collaborative capsule collection for NYFW
February 7, 2014

How did this collection manifest itself?
Todd Pendu: Before I had even met Zana, I had been working out different ways to use the symbol for Sulphur in design. I first worked out these ideas using old 80′s Playboy magazines and drawing the shapes on the women. After Zana and I started spending more time together, I showed her these images and we got to talking about some possibilities.

Zana Bayne: It all began with a bracelet. Todd and I had been trying to come up with a way to transform his inverted sulphur ‘Magnum Opus’ symbol into a harness, but had always imagined the design vertically. All of a sudden, it came to my mind to turn the shape horizontally, and then realized that it would fit perfectly around the wrist. Once that style was locked down, we started playing with the elements of that piece, seeing how many ways we could rework the shape to lend itself to different styles.

Do you have a favorite client that owns a part of this collection?
Todd Pendu: I’d have to say my favorite client has to be anyone who loves to wear their leather out to something like a dinner engagement or party as much as they love incorporating it into their sex life. I like that duality, but that’s just me. Anyone who finds that wearing the pieces expresses something of themselves though, is a favorite client. As far as names of people who own pieces, style muse Hannah Bronfman has been a fan since the beginning and she wears her “Chain Lynx” harness everywhere, which is very cool.

Zana Bayne: I hate choosing favorites, as I love how all of our customers uniquely style their pieces. But for creativity points I would give the win to our friend Teresa Nasty who bought a set of the Magnum Opus Keychains to use as nipple clamps on one of her clients.

How has it been planning for NYFW?
Zana Bayne: This season is completely different than last. In September we threw an awesome show for the Pendv x Zana Bayne collection in collaboration with Opening Ceremony’s SUPERPIER which featured DJ’s, live music, and dancers from the Legendary House of Ninja as well as a presentation with models. I also had worked on collaborations for Prabal Gurung and Sally LaPointe’s runway shows as well as preparing for my own collection’s presentation in Paris just a couple of weeks after. Right now we are in the midst of selling the PXZB collection that was shown in September (Opening Ceremony just got their shipment), and I am focusing 100 percent of my design effort on the Zana Bayne collection.

Todd Pendu: For me, I saw the capsule collection debut in September as a way of introducing the brand to people who had never head of it, so I’m focusing on getting the pieces out there to the public. We now have Opening Ceremony and Shop Untitled (NYC) carrying the collection and the PENDV website is starting to really rev up with web sales. I wanted to use this time to build a proper foundation rather than trying to do too much at once, so I thought we should wait until September to do another collection together.

Give us 3 bold words to describe what this collection means to you.
Todd Pendu: Sex, Power, Freedom

Zana Bayne: Strength, Allure, Desire

Best way to wear this collection?
Todd Pendu: The great thing about these pieces is that they can be worn with a suit or dress as well as with a simple t-shirt and jeans. Whatever you wear, I think the pieces should be worn to accent your wardrobe much like jewelry; wear it in any way that enhances your own feeling of sexiness or sex appeal.

Zana Bayne: The great thing about the collection is that there are so many different ways to integrate it into your wardrobe. For example, Todd tends to wear the more subtle styles like the Magnum Opus Bracelet, Lanyard, or Suspenders which add a touch of leather and hint of design without coming off too flashy. My favorite piece to wear is the Chain Lynx Harness which frames the silhouette of a shirtdress with perfection!

What can we expect to see next from both designers?
Todd Pendu: I will be working on a few topless swimwear designs that will be made available this summer as well as a few leather accessory items, and then look forward to working on a new collection to show in September.

Zana Bayne: The Zana Bayne FW14 collection debuts in New York on Feb. 8, and the SS14 collection arrives in shops this spring.

Written by: Michael Blankenheim
Photographer: Elene Damenia

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