“Fetish Tribe” for NO TOFU MAGAZINE

“For me it’s everything from the way it smells and feels close to my skin and the transformative qualities it has on the wearer. On others, it’s about objectification and de-humanization, along with what I find aesthetically pleasing. The control it gives me to look and feel a certain way is huge. I feel powerful and sexy in latex and without it, but especially when dressed. I also love the commitment it demands as well as the connection created between the wearer and the garment, due to it’s delicate nature and the price and the labor involved. – Ms. Hides, Rubber Fetishist

“My love for latex is linked to dollification fetish. The transformative nature and restricting sensations of latex are two key elements that transform this human doll into a rubber doll.” – Dolly X, Rubber Fetishist

“Style is my personal fetish, living breathing sexual art. My style gives me artistic freedom and incorporating leather gives me artistic strength. I feel I embody sex when I mix my style with leather.” – Boomer Banks, Fashion Designer and Gay Porn Star

“I like boys and berries who are submissive by nature. I like to be worshiped. People are aesthetic creatures. I wear leather and latex to make them weak in the knees because that’s just where I like them.” – Jessica Love, Mistress Isis

“My latex and leather fetish supplements the breaking of moral bondage. Once I am dressed, I’m ready to break the classic moralities society imposes on us by using torturous implements on those who hold that power to impose on a daily basis… That gives me ultimate pleasure.” – Tiffa, Sadist

“My fetishes are all directly related to my desire to relax my brain because otherwise I am always thinking and over-thinking. I’m attracted to particular implements and materials including latex and leather due to their capacity to constrict my body and simultaneously transport my mind.” – Maidenfed

“I’m a bottom, sometimes a top; a slut, a bitch, a brat, a masochist, an exhibitionist, a cocksucker, and a cunt fucker…Uninhibited and fluid. I love playing in leather; the smell of it and it’s texture are a complete turn on.” – Yolanda Royster, Slut


8 Photos. Published in Fall 2015 Issue of NO TOFU MAGAZINE. Buy your copy here.


“Fetish Tribe” lensed by Todd Pendu
Shot in PENDV Studios, NYC. July 14-28, 2015.

© Todd Pendu, 2015. Do not use photographs without permission. Email: todd @ pendunyc . com

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