Majikian’s TAROT by Todd Pendu // Illustrated by Jesse Gelaznik

“Love Light; Do Not Fear Darkness” – Todd Pendu

The Fool

I. The Majikian

II. The High Priestess

III. The Empress

IV. The Emperor

V. The High Priest

VI. The Lovers

VII. The Chariot

VIII. Equilibrium

IX. The Hermit

X. The Wheel

XI. Fortitude

XII. The Hanged-Man

XIII. (Thanatos)

XIV. Coniunctio

XV. Chaos

XVI. The Tower

XVII. The Star

XVIII. The Moon

XIX. The Sun

XX. Transmutation

XXI. The World

The Darkness

Tarot Card Back

Jesse Gelaznik and Todd Pendu

On November 3, 2010, a little over a year after beginning working on these images; the drawings were completed for this Major Arcana Divinatory Tarot Deck with an additional 23rd card known as “The Darkness (aka The Abyss). The project began in August 2009 when I asked Jesse Gelaznik if he could draw an idea I had for the Hanged-Man (aka Le Pendu) card. His initial “yes” along with the image he produced from the directions I gave inspired me to ask him if he was interested in completing a Major Arcana Tarot deck. I had been working on ideas in my head for a long time leading up to this, especially the idea of a 23rd card, so it was exciting to know that the visions could now be realized. The day Jesse came over to my place with all of the drawings together was an amazing day for both of us. We had a special art show at PENDU GALLERY in NYC for the entire month of December (2010) where people could stop by and see the original drawings. The next phase is to produce a deck along with a book of explanations and make it available for purchase.” – Todd Pendu

Watch a slideshow of the original drawings with original Soundtrack created and produced by Todd Pendu aka Chaos Majik.

“Love Light; Do Not Fear Darkness” – Todd Pendu

A NEW CARD – (unnumbered) 23 // The Darkness aka The Abyss
The Darkness aka The Abyss is a new addition to the divinatory Major Arcana. It is a 23rd Atu but it has no number. It represents the emptiness, the void, the absolute beginning of everything from which all energy and chaos emanate. It represents the germination of Gnosis. It resides within and beyond all things. Everything is surrounded by and contains The Darkness. Life’s germ is first seeded in Darkness. The Collective Unconscious, the Aethyrs, and The Currents all move on an Elliptical Path of Infinity through The Darkness. It has no path on the Tree of Life as it is associated with the unseen 11th Sephirot, Daath as well as the idea of nothingness expressed as AIN. The Darkness is the Great Abyss that lies between the Supernal Triangle and the lower Triads. The path of the High Priestess leads from Tiphareth up the Middle Pillar, across the Abyss to Kether. It is within that Abyss, in the Darkness, that Choronzon resides. Fear must be overcome. (This card is NOT TO MEANT TO BE USED in a reading… it is a card of meditation. It can be drawn and if it is drawn it is significant, but must be set to the side and it’s meaning worked out within the context of the reading.)

V – THE HIGH PRIEST (traditionally titled ‘The Hierophant’)
VIII – EQUILIBRIUM (traditionally titled ‘Justice’ or ‘Adjustment’)
XIV – CONIUNCTIO (traditionally titled ‘Temperance’ or ‘Art’)
XVI – CHAOS (traditionally titled ‘The Devil’)
XX – TRANSMUTATION (traditionally titled ‘The Judgement’ or ‘Aeon’)

Inverted Symbol of Sulphur – Magnum Opus, Lapis philosophorum, True Will
The Star of Manifest Will – The Great Work Completed
Horned Mask of Chaos – Raw Energy
The Wolf – Beast of Man
The Black Cat – Animal Familiar
Mandorla (Sacred Geometrical Rhombus/Vesica Piscis/Diamond/Ingwaz Rune) – Vagina, Fertility, Creation
Serpent – Sexual Potency and Vitality
Colors: Orange – Thinking Magick / Purple – Sex Magick

You will notice vaginal iconography and symbology throughout the deck making this useful in sex magic and related rituals.

The Hanged-Man – Le Pendu – PENDV [Sulphur Inverted] (XII) is the son of The Emperor [Sulphur] (IV).

The World (XXI) Atu shows the Hanged-Man as reaching Ecstatic Transcendence, a reward for mystical hanging. The Hanged-Man’s number is 12. The World’s number is 21 (or 12 backwards). Both Numerologically add up to 3. III is the number of the Empress.

The Hanged-Man resides on the 23rd Path of the Tree of Life. The World resides on the 32nd path (or 23 backwards). Both numerologically add up to 5 which is equivalent to the Empress on the 14th path (1+4=5). This gives us a new key to decipher the rest of the deck.

The Major Arcana + The Darkness

(unnumbered) The Fool
I. The Majikian
II. The High Priestess
III. The Empress
IV. The Emperor
V. The High Priest (traditionally titled ‘The Hierophant’)
VI. The Lovers
VII. The Chariot
VIII. Equilibrium (traditionally titled ‘Justice’ or ‘Adjustment’)
IX. The Hermit
X. The Wheel
XI. Fortitude (traditionally titled ‘Strength’ or ‘Lust’)
XII. Le Pendu – PENDV – The Hanged-Man
XIII. (unnamed, traditionally titled ‘Death’)
XIV. Coniunctio (traditionally titled ‘Temperance’ or ‘Art’)
XV. Chaos (traditionally titled ‘The Devil’)
XVI. The Tower
XVII. The Star
XVIII. The Moon
XIX. The Sun
XX. Transmutation (traditionally titled ‘The Judgement’ or ‘Aeon’)
XXI. The World
(unnumbered) The Darkness (aka The Abyss)

_tarot_backs Todd Pendu Tarot
Symbol on backs of the Tarot cards designed by Todd Pendu

0-the_fool Todd Pendu Tarot
The Fool
Divinatory Meanings: Mystic In Spiritual Bliss Ignoring Worldly Concerns. Total Freedom.

Symbols include: Sun. Tree. Bird. Black Cat. Orange. Purple. Red Backpack with Elemental Symbols. Cliff. Water. White Cloud as Upright Triangle.

01-majikian Todd Pendu Tarot
I – The Majikian
Divinatory Meanings: Ritual. Connection with Aethyr. Seeker of True Will.

Symbols include: Hermaphrodite. 7 Alchemical Beakers. 5 candles. Horned Mask of Chaos. Tarot Deck. Chalk in Left Hand. Standing inside a chalk-drawn Sacred Geometrical Rhombus (diamond). The Star of Manifest Will (Two double-lined circles, representing the Black Sun (first stage of Alchemy). The circle is divided with 12 lines creating a Zodiac Wheel. A 12-pointed star made of 4 overlapping triangles (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) intersected by the lines of the Zodiac Wheel. A Pentagram is drawn using existing lines, 2 points facing up (Horns of Heresy). An Inverted Symbol of Sulphur (Final Stage, Great Work of the Alchemist) is drawn out of the base of the Pentagram.)

02-high-priestess Todd Pendu Tarot
II – The High Priestess
Divinatory Meanings: Guardian of Occult Secrets. Virgin. Vulva. Alchemical Mercury.

Symbols include: Tree of Life. Water. Clouds. Mandorla. Cloaked High Priestess sits in the Middle Pillar and she holds a Disc of Tiphareth.

03-empress Todd Pendu Tarot
III – The Empress
Divinatory Meanings: Sensuality. Creativity. Menstruation. Fertility and Fecundity. Sexual Desire. Nurturer. Beauty. Alchemical Salt.

Symbols include: 12 Stars. 12 Pomegranates. 12 Roses. Horns of Hathor. White Dress.

04-emperor Todd Pendu Tarot
IV – The Emperor
Divinatory Meanings: Stability. Fire. Domination. Father of the Hanged-Man. Alchemical Sulphur.

Symbols include: Sword. Wand/Torch. Sacred Geometrical Rhombus (diamond). 3 Lines on either side of Emperor. Emperor Seated with Legs crossed and Arms raised, the Figure Forms the shape of Sulphur.

05-high-priest Todd Pendu Tarot
V – The High Priest (traditionally titled ‘The Hierophant’)
Divinatory Meanings: The Great Teacher.

Symbols include: Teaching the three alchemical principles with Elemental symbols: Mercury-Sulphur-Salt. Clouds. Mountain Peak as Upright Triangle. Dagger. Mandorla. 3 Candles. 2 Hooded Students. Slain Goat. Blood.

06-lovers Todd Pendu Tarot
VI – The Lovers
Divinatory Meanings: Desire for Union. Strained Relations. Seeking Oneness. Attempting to transcend toward the Alchemical Hermaphrodite.

Symbols include: Hermaphrodite removing the Horned Mask of Chaos. Male figure. Female figure. 2 rivers converged as one. Auras touching river then surrounding figures before conjoining as one around Hermaphrodite. 6 candles.

07-chariot Todd Pendu Tarot
VII – The Chariot
Divinatory Meanings: True Will in Aktion. Force.

Symbols include: Sun as Tiphareth. Chariot. Horse. Knight with Sword. Chaos Star in Wheel. Tower (XVI). Triangle of Fire.

08-equilibrium Todd Pendu Tarot
VIII – Equilibrium
Divinatory Meanings: Middle Pillar. Weighing and Balance. Karma. Cosmic Harmony.

Symbols include: Moon. Sun. Inverted Symbol of Sulphur. Tree of life. Scales. Sword.

09-hermit Todd Pendu Tarot
IX – The Hermit
Divinatory Meanings: Inner Wisdom. Pineal Knowledge.

Symbols include: Hermaphrodite with both eyes closed and Pineal Eye Open Charging a Sigil. Night Sky in windows: Tower (XVI) Burns in one, Moon (XVIII) shines in the other. Black Cat. Book shelf. Globe (aka The World (XXI)).

10-wheel Todd Pendu Tarot
X – The Wheel
Divinatory Meanings: Cycles. Chance. Fate. New Beginnings. Stuck in a Rut. Out of Control.

Symbols include: Ouroboros. The Star of Manifest Will (Two double-lined circles, representing the Black Sun (first stage of Alchemy). The circle is divided with 12 lines creating a Zodiac Wheel. A 12-pointed star made of 4 overlapping triangles (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) intersected by the lines of the Zodiac Wheel. A Pentagram is drawn using existing lines, 2 points facing up (Horns of Heresy). An Inverted Symbol of Sulphur (Final Stage, Great Work of the Alchemist) is drawn out of the base of the Pentagram.) Ten Stars forming Tree of Life Constellation. River. Dry Ground. Dead Tree. Fertile Ground. Tree in Bloom. Element Symbols of Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

11-fortitude Todd Pendu Tarot
XI – Fortitude (traditionally titled ‘Strength’ or ‘Lust’)
Divinatory Meanings: Self-Discipline. Self-Control. The Majikian’s Will. Without Lust of Result.

Symbols include: Hermaphrodite. Fire. Wolf. Ouroboros. Mountain Peak as Upright Triangle.

12-hanged-man Todd Pendu Tarot
XII – Le Pendu – PENDV – The Hanged Man
Divinatory Meanings: Descension. Inverted Birthing. Suspension. Mysticism. Libido over Reason.

Symbols include: Horned Mask of Chaos worn by Mother. Child-Man being birthed. Umbilical cord wrapped around the ankle. Inverted symbol of Sulphur on child-man’s hand.

13-thanatos Todd Pendu Tarot
XIII – (Unnamed)
Divinatory Meanings: Revolution. Finality before Rebirth. Le Petite Mort.

Symbols include: Crescent Moon. Thanatos. Sword. Inverted Wand/Torch. 13 Sperm-like Souls.

14-coniunctio Todd Pendu Tarot
XIV – Coniunctio (traditionally titled ‘Temperance’ or ‘Art’)
Divinatory Meanings: Hieros Gamos. Consummation of THE LOVERS (VI). Marriage of the Opposites.

Symbols include: Man and Woman Consummating Marriage. Lifting of the Veil. Man wears Upright Triangle. Woman wears Inverted Triangle. Tetraktys. Aura in shape of Mandorla. Hermetic Cauldron. Fire and Water find equilibrium in alchemical Harmony.

15-chaos Todd Pendu Tarot
XV – Chaos (traditionally titled ‘The Devil’)
Divinatory Meanings: Raw Energy. Undisciplined Force. Source of all creative action.

Symbols include: Red Curtains. 3 sets of Candles, 5 in each set symbolizing the 5 elements. Pentagram, Horns of Heresy pointing up. Hermaphrodite wearing Horned Mask of Chaos. Pineal Eye as Chaos Star on Mask. Black Cat sucking breast. Inverted Symbol of Sulphur on Palm.

16-tower Todd Pendu Tarot
XVI – The Tower
Divinatory Meanings: Ejaculation. Moment of Orgasm. Disruption in Continuity. Charging a Sigil. Major Changes Ahead. Cataclysm.

Symbols include: Black. Stormclouds. Upright Triangle. Lightning Bolt taking the shape of the Flaming Sword. Sigil on Tower. Fire. 22 Candles. Cliff. Two Dead Trees.

17-star Todd Pendu Tarot
XVII – The Star
Divinatory Meanings: Seeking Balance. Futility. Hopes and Dreams. Reflection or Nostalgia.

Symbols include: Night Sky. Chaos Star outlined Symbol of Akasha. Eight 8-pointed Stars. Mountain Peak as Upright Triangle. Reflecting Pool of Water. Hermaphrodite.

18-moon Todd Pendu Tarot
XVIII – The Moon
Divinatory Meanings: Feminine Energies affecting the Subconscious. Poetry. Dreams and Nightmares. Deep Emotion.

Symbols include: Horned Mask of Chaos. Cat. Wolves. Moon. Downward-pointed Triangle. Water. Reflected Light. Burning Tower (XVI) in Background. Clouds. Night Sky. Stars.

19-sun Todd Pendu Tarot
XIX – The Sun
Divinatory Meanings: New Life. Things Unseen Coming into Light. Revealed Secrets. Sexual Potency.

Symbols include: Sun with Eye of Horus. Mountain as Upright Triangle. Cloud as Upright Triangle. 2 Trees. Hermaphrodite with Arms Raised in the shape of KA. Cosmic Egg with Ankh drawing. River.

20-transmutation Todd Pendu Tarot
XX – Transmutation
Divinatory Meanings: Restoration. The Creation of the Philosopher’s Stone. Outcome. New Being. Breaking from Past.

Symbols include: Serpent coiled in the shape of the Infinity Symbol hissing at the Black Sun. White Crescent Moon. White Mandorla enclosing Ingwaz rune with Chaos Star inside. Horned Mother. Alchemical Symbols of Sulphur, Salt, Mercury. Upright Triangle. Inverted Symbol of Sulphur enclosed in Rhombus Colored Red for 4th and final stage of Alchemical Magnum Opus aka Rubedo. Preceding stages symbolically colored in order Black (Nigredo), White (Albedo), Yellow (Citrinitas).

21-world Todd Pendu Tarot
XXI – The World
Divinatory Meanings: Ascension. Reversal of the Hanged-Man. Protection. Centered. Enveloped by Cosmic Revelations. Ecstatic Transcendence. Completion. Eternal. Cosmic Egg.

Symbols include: Night Sky in Clouds. Moon. Horned Mask of Chaos. 12 Shining Stars in Daylight. Ouroboros surrounding Inverted Hanged-Man Floating in a state of Ecstatic Transcendence. Wolf. Two trees. Tower on Cliff.

23-darkness Todd Pendu Tarot
The Darkness (aka The Abyss)
Divinatory Meanings: Crossing the Abyss. Facing Choronzon.

Symbols include: The Number 23 (the Hanged-Man resides on the 23rd path). Supernal Triangle. Black Sun (setting or rising?). The Gulf of The Abyss. Broken Tree of Life. Pentragram formed out of the Broken Tree of Life. 23 candles snuffed out. Kether and Malkuth highlighted.

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