VON HAZE “Conduct Your Touch” Video directed by Todd Pendu

VON HAZE “Conduct Your Touch”
Produced by Pendu Media LLC
Co-produced by Zana Bayne Inc.
© 2013

“Conduct Your Touch” is a sensual music video from LA band, Von Haze, that celebrates touch, skin, and all sexuality be it gay, straight, lesbian, and transgender (only accidentally timely in this current climate surrounding DOMA). The video stars Andre J, a NYC icon and fashion muse to Carine Roitfeld, as the androgynous love God/Dess ‘blessing’ four couples engaged in intimacy and ecstasy, where their bodies intertwine and gender becomes irrelevant (look for cameos from bi-gendered artist Jordan Fox and Dylan Monroe, both NYC nightlife stars). The film itself is about connection and unity and was inspired by the Lovers card of the Tarot and the Alchemical Androgyne, but with a little “soft porn” and fashion thrown in the mix.

Conceived and Directed by: Todd Pendu
Cinematographer / Editor: Andrey Piontkovski
Stylist: Zana Bayne

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